Don’t Be Afraid

In the midst of chaos and worry regarding the hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and storms, we have been given a directive from God; don’t be afraid.  This directive appears around 88 times throughout the Bible, even more if you use the word, “worry” instead. In reality, it is more a promise from God, than it is a commandment.  For with it comes the promise that God will remain with us through the chaos, through the storms and will not abandon us. I have said before and I say it again, God’s love, and God’s love shown through people is stronger than any hurricane or wildfire. Take for example the number of people that have left the safety of their homes to head to the areas of the country most affected by these disasters. Another example is the organizations that have mobilized to be right where the need is greatest with basic necessities and loving hugs. Numerous groups have sprung up to address the tragedy in our nation, thousands of volunteers have taken time off work, vacation time, unpaid leave, to come to the aid of their neighbors that they don’t even know. God working through us, through people, through our compassion. This is God’s love in action and this is how the scripture can tell us, “don’t be afraid”. Because God has made us in such a way that when things are at their worst, we will rise above is and help each other. Race, divisions, disagreements, apathy will fall away and as we have witnessed, we will come together to help one another regardless of creed or color. So, don’t be afraid, God has not abandoned you and help is coming and will continue to come. God is with us and for us, and God’s love shared through humans will sustain us.