Finding a “Balance” in Our Lives

I wonder if I should start off with a prayer: (yes, always a good idea) Dear God, May the words that I write and speak be a direct reflection of who I proclaim that you are. Amen. There may have been times when we may at times sense a disconnect. Perhaps it is from our families, our faith, maybe our career. It feels like something is dreadfully wrong yet we are not exactly sure what it is. We talk about finding a “balance” in our lives between work and home and play and self. We read up on the latest techniques to be more centered, we might even practice mindfulness or meditation or some other way to achieve some karmatic alignment. Truth of the matter is, our balance is within. We already have the ability to be balanced and connected and centered, but our failure to see that truth can cause us to look for truth and balance elsewhere. I’m talking about living our lives with the conviction of our beliefs!  Because what we believe directs our thoughts and actions. When we speak or act contrary to what we believe, we can have that out of sync feeling. Then we start looking for places in our lives that we can point to and say that’s out of balance. Now everything is not black and white. There is gray, in our beliefs and even in our convictions. But I think that if we follow those convictions and live accordingly, we find the peace that comes from our beliefs. So if we confess Jesus as Lord, Son of God, living Messiah, there is a WHOLE set of convictions that should shape, mold and inform our lives. Like for example, not letting fear take control of our lives or resentment towards others rule the day.  I know I need some practice in doing this. So my resolution, my prayer, is to let my actions truly reflect my faith and my confession that JESUS is Lord, salvation for all the world!