Go and Tell!


          It’s somewhat interesting to note that when the subject of following Jesus comes up we all seem to be onboard and positive about the idea. But when someone suggests that following requires leaving the comfort of our easy chair or a commitment of our time, talent and treasures, the idea of following becomes a bit more difficult to agree to. It’s one thing to follow someone on twitter or facebook; it really requires so very little on our part and we can stop following whenever we fancy. But following Jesus is a bit different. The invitation to follow carries with it a dedication to a journey that we may not be ready for. It is one thing to come and see, (last week’s blog) it is another to heed the call to leave something behind in order to pursue all things Jesus. Go and tell is implied in Jesus call to follow because once Jesus has a hold of our lives, it becomes a story worth repeating. Following Jesus implies that we will be transformed somehow and be so brimming with Jesus that it will overflow into the lives of others. This hope that captures us through Christ cannot leave us be, and we are spirit led to tell the story, our story, of how God has worked in our lives and transformed them from what they once were. We are called to Go and Tell this story; to relay to others that there is a God who loves them beyond all imagination. This same God breaks our chains and rescues us from our brokenness. In this Jesus, there is new life. May we tell our story, the story that includes how Jesus has restored us and the impact that has had on us and our families. Go and Tell; it truly is a story worth repeating!