God will provide

Are we living with an abundance mentality, or are we living in a scarcity mentality. An abundance mentality believes that there is and will be enough to provide for mine and the needs of others, even when I don’t see it or necessarily possess it. It allows for a sense of trust that God will provide a feast. On the other hand, if I am living with a scarcity mentality, not only do I feel like there is not enough, my human nature is inclined to want to hoard and hold what I can get my hands on because, well, frankly, there is NOT enough to go around and I have to be sure to take care of myself and my family. Neither of these ways of thinking has much to do with how much one has, but rather how we view what we already have been given! The truth of the matter is we do have enough, but our desire to have more creates a false emptiness in our life. Being content with what we have creates peace and a sense of hope. Perhaps we have experienced both of these ways of thinking in our lifetimes. So tell me, which one feels more faithful? Which one of these mindsets brings with it a sense of thankfulness? Which one of these ways of thinking can lighten our spirits and the spirits of those around us? I’m guessing you chose an abundance mentality. Scripture points time and time again to the abundance of God which God freely shares and pours out upon us. God’s grace and love have overflown and fills our entire world. Here is wishing you enough and the attitude that it is enough, and what you lack which is needed,God will provide in due season.