Good News!!

          In our current culture that seems to thrive on negative news, wrongdoing and conflict, the idea of “Good News” can seem like an oxymoron. If one pays attention to any number of media outlets, you might think that there is little or nothing good to report on in our world, save the feel-good story that is left for the end of the show.  But if you look and listen a bit more closely, you will see that the “Good News” is all around us. People, strangers even, helping strangers; people of differing faiths and beliefs coming together in time of tragedy. You will see people, younger and older, seeking to volunteer to make a difference in other’s lives. You will hear stories told of courage when someone stood up for another who was being singled out or bullied for whatever reason. If you dig deeper, you will find that as followers of Jesus Christ we are awakening to the fact that when God said love all people, regardless, it wasn’t a suggestion. You will discover that communities are rising to the challenges that face it where the government has failed. This is Good News!  When people wake up to the realization that we are all in this together and that if one sinks, we all sink; well, then the possibilities of what people can do is only limited by our imagination. What is even stranger is that the more we share the Good News, the more it grows and becomes the new norm. Imagine if every night you tuned into your local tv news and it was filled with people performing random acts of kindness, of anger and violence that were calmed by love before trouble ever started, of charity in the face of scarcity, growing like well-watered crops!  You know the Good News!  Live it! Share it!  Be the Good News that someone right now, right this moment is so desperate to experience. It is your calling, your commission, from the one who came down to change our lives from negative news into Good News. So, go, make a difference!