Staying Connected to the Source

Monday Morning Quarterback; Reflections from your Pastor…….

          Every now and then, we will lose our internet connection at church. For no apparent reason, it just disappears. If you are right in the middle of sending emails or researching online, it can be very frustrating. But losing are connection with God is more than just frustrating. It can have consequences in our lives that we did not expect. Staying connected to Jesus means tapping into the source of life and love that radiates from the divine. It allows us to live this life focused on love, mercy and forgiveness. When we become disconnected from the source, we end up struggling to maintain relationships and things begin to unravel. When we lose our connection to God, small things become big mountains because our sense of hope is diminished. When Jesus tells his disciples to “stay connected”, to abide in him, he does this so that their lives might follow a path that is keeping with what God has in store for them. Likewise, when we abide in Christ, our lives tend to follow the path and plan that God has for us. Not that being a follower means life will be a cakewalk; rather that being connected to Jesus means we are living with a sense of purpose, a sense of a light in the darkness. When we abide in Jesus our lives take on a meaning that has a greater impact in the world. Love pours through us into the lives of others and God’s grace is shown. Light reflects from us and hope is brought to the dark places in our world. Stay connected to Jesus. Allow God’s plan to be the one you follow. Trust that Jesus abides with you and is looking out for you constantly. Jesus is the true vine, we are the branches called to bear much fruit for the kingdom. Stay connected, it is the best place to be.