Waiting and Waiting

Tom Petty was right; the waiting IS the hardest part. When we are waiting for test results, waiting for our teenager to come home, waiting for a loved one to return from overseas, waiting for a response from a prospective employer; it is darn difficult. And I would propose that as a society, that we are not very good at waiting. So, when God tells us to wait, we might echo the cry of the psalmist; “How long, Oh Lord”? Even when it comes to waiting on the Lord, we are not very patient. But the Holy Waiting that we experience when we are waiting on the divine is meant to be a time of growing and deepening. It can be a time of pruning and winnowing. The waiting might be a time of deep contemplation and study. However, the waiting takes shape in your life, it takes a heap of trust in God to understand that in “His Time”, the answers will come. God has a way of having perfect timing and in this sense of the perfect moment, God invites us to wait. To wait on the answer to prayer, to wait for his will to be revealed, to wait for the plan for our lives to unfold. In this time of Holy Waiting, may a sense of calm and quiet overtake you. May you remain diligent, following God’s path and plan for you, doing what God asks of you and may you have an overwhelming sense of trust and hopefulness that what God has begun, God will bring to bear fruit. Place your trust in God, he has not failed us and will not fail us. And whatever the Lord has in store, it will be worth the wait!